Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Pain

It took three days for me to buy a chair. Before that I was sitting on the floor like I was playing Duck Duck Goose in the first grade. Now all I want to do is lay back down on the floor. Assembling an apartment's worth of furniture sucks and I'm not quite done yet.

The weather has been great so far and when I combine the fact that there was no rain the last time I was in LA, I've come to the conclusion that it never rains here. Also, it's never below 65 during the afternoon. I can get used to wearing shorts out everyday.


  1. no you're not dumb. I just didn't put up the follow feature. LA rained once for me. man i wanna live there..

  2. haha yet californians are ready to run their car against a tree because of the gloomy weather!! i hope it got better though when you got there! it was... you know... "cold" haha

  3. I hope it rains on your parade. And your socks.