Monday, June 1, 2009

It's official

My flight is on June 14th. Same as my move-in date. It hasn't really hit me yet but I'm sure it will once I realize that I'm not packed and that the things I need shipped over there won't get there until a week after I do.

Furniture shopping makes me poor.


  1. yayyyyy youre blogging!! :D

    i still want to move... i got yet another interview for this job in jersey... iono why they are interested cuz i didnt apply but i think im just going to remind myself what interviewing is like. ive already told them i want a job on the west coast and yet they still want to meet. *shrugs no worries friend... theres no way ill stay here for long :)

  2. it's exciting to hear about your move to LA! Where will you be living?